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Teachers at Waverley Abbey are skilled at assessing and meeting the individual needs of the pupils in their care and use a range of strategies to ensure that all children are challenged and supported in all areas of the curriculum. They are supported in this process by an able team of learning support assistants and by the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), who works with all those involved to ensure Pupils achieve their maximum potential.  The SENCO liaises regularly with outside agencies who offer expert professional advice and support for specific needs. Provision is matched to the child’s needs and consistently reviewed to ensure maximum progress is achieved. Partnership with parents is vital and parents are involved at all stages in this process.  In addition, a Home School Link Worker is available to offer advice on a wide range of issues relating to school and home life.

We aspire for all children to recognise their unlimited capabilities whilst they are with us. Teachers plan for all children on a daily basis, ensuring that they are appropriately challenged in their thinking and learning. Sometimes we have the opportunity to offer master classes run by other schools. In the past year pupils have enjoyed master classes in; Drama, Maths, English, History, Science, ICT and Music. We run a Business and Enterprise Project linked with Kings Secondary School in Winchester, which develops business acumen in the students. The vibrant, fast moving pace of life at Waverley Abbey is well suited to enquiring and enthusiastic minds.