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Physical Education

Physical Education at Waverley Abbey C of E Junior School

At Waverley Abbey we believe that Physical Education is an integral part of the school as well as being of vital importance in developing the children’s self-esteem and wellbeing for life outside the school community. 

With this in mind we have a full time specialised PE teacher who delivers a comprehensive varied programme of activities over the academic year to all of our children at Waverley Abbey.

All the children receive the governments’ recommendation of two hours of PE per week during curriculum time as well as the additional wide variety of extra-curricular that we have to offer. 

Each child at Waverley Abbey gets one hour of Games a week as well as another timetabled hour of PE which is delivered by our PE Specialist.  Over the course of the year the PE programme of study is as follows:

Term 1 Swimming
Term 2 Dance
Term 1 Gymnastics
Term 2 Orienteering
Term 1 Swimming
Term 2 Swimming

As Waverley Abbey is one of the only junior schools that have a swimming pool on site we are able to go above and beyond with our swimming programme for our children.  The lower school has a focus on water confidence as well as strong cross-curricular links with other subjects, teamwork, communication and problem solving.  Whereas the upper school has a strong focus on the development of all four strokes to ensure the children are equipped with this necessary life skill when they leave Waverley Abbey at the end of Year 6.

Our Dance programme has a differing theme for each year group who all learn and experience contemporary dance, with the lower school focusing on developing their physical dance vocabulary, whereas the upper school take on more of a chorographical focus. 

Our Gymnastics programme again looks as developing the children’s physical literacy with each year group having a different focus, such as balance, flight, travel and rotation.  The benefit of having a specialised PE teacher is that all our children are able to access all of the gymnastic equipment and apparatus, such as the Swedish beams, springboards and trampettes which they would not normally experience until secondary education.


We are hugely proud of the sporting accolades and recent success that the children at Waverley Abbey have achieved. Due to the number of children at the school and the amount of sporting opportunities on offer, the school has developed an enviable range of sports facilities over recent years, all for the children to use and benefit from, both in lessons and representing the school in sporting teams.

The school is situated in beautiful countryside and we are fortunate enough to host a large playing field which covers over 2 acres. The school field provides a safe environment for all the children to play in whilst also being large enough to host a variety of sporting events. 

We regularly host and organise a Year 5 and 6 football tournament in the spring, where up to 14 schools come and compete against one another.  In the summer term we host and organise cricket tournaments as well as an upper school rounders’ tournament.

We have the following facilities available:

  •  An outdoor heated swimming pool that is used throughout the summer term and up until half term in October. Each class has a dedicated timeslot to use the pool during this period; the pool is also used for swimming galas – in which every child participates.
  • 5 football pitches - used throughout the winter months and through the beginning of the summer
  • Hockey Pitch - used for hockey clubs and matches.
  • The main hall also doubles as an excellent gymnasium for apparatus work and floor work.
  • 3 Rounders pitches - During the summer months the school enter several rounders competitions and have achieved considerable success in recent years.
  • Training Grids - During the winter months there are two 4x4 training grids which are used for football, rugby, hockey and general fitness.
  • Athletics Track - During the summer term, the school fields holds a 300m running track. This is used in lessons and for extra- curricular activities whilst it is also a firm favourite for children to use at lunch and play times. We also have the facilities for hurdles and throwing events.
  • Long Jump and Triple Jump Pit – Utilised in the summer term and part of the students’ athletic program.
  • We have one fully equipped basketball court and three additional basketball rings used throughout the day for playtime and lessons as well as two full size netball courts.

At Waverley Abbey we believe that Sport is for all and we encourage every single child to get involved with representing the school in a sporting context.  This could be in a school team or taking part as one of our runners for our biannual district sports cross country event that takes place at Farnham Park. 

Each year we try and get more runners than the previous year.  As well as participating in a team, Waverley Abbey have Year 6 Sports Leaders, who take an active role in leading sports events, run lunch time clubs for younger year groups as well as organise equipment for all children at break times.

We believe that this role is incredibly important and is now an integral part of our school life. 

At Waverley Abbey, we also provide a wide range of opportunities for a large number of children to represent the school in “B” and “C” teams as we believe that all sporting experiences are valuable in enriching their lives.  Waverley Abbey has again achieved the Gold Sainsbury’s Gold Mark Award for 2017-2018.  This is now the fourth consecutive year this has been achieved.  This scheme rewards schools commitment and development to competition, participation and recognises the excellent provision that Waverley Abbey provides for all its children.