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All things are possible for one who believes – Mark 9:23


Pupils are encouraged to extend their studies and consolidate their work where appropriate, at home after school. Homework is an invaluable tool in helping to establish the basic skills that underpin a child’s learning.

It is set to develop the habit of working away from the school environment and to enable children to understand that learning does not only happen at school. Tasks will not require pupils to spend hours on homework. This can lead to negative feelings about school leaving children drained and tired for the following day.

As the children progress through the school homework will increase but never so much that they are unable to lead lives outside school. Many children have commitments outside of school and so homework will recognise this by allowing time in which to complete tasks.
When homework is set, we expect the pupils to ensure that it is handed in at the correct time for marking. This element of independent learning is considered to be an integral part of training in self-discipline, which is nurtured in all our pupils from an early age.