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All things are possible for one who believes – Mark 9:23

Design and Technology

All things are possible for one who believes – Mark 9:23

Design and Technology feature in each Year Group at Waverley Abbey.  Children are shown that changing ideas into production requires planning, designing, making and evaluating. We want our children to be excited to develop their practical skills in cooking, working with textiles, making mechanical systems etc. We wish for our children to consider the impact that design and technology has on their lives, which will not only benefit them in school, but in their adult, working lives too.  


At Waverley Abbey, we intend for our Design and Technology curriculum to encourage our pupils to develop an interest and appreciation of the world and everything in it. They will recognise that Design and Technology is not only a subject to be learnt in school, it is something that is integrated into every aspect of the modern world: everything that they use in day-to-day life has been designed for a user and a purpose. Furthermore, learning about the design, make and evaluate cycle will give them the skills to critically analyse their work, knowing that everything can always be improved to better suit a particular audience.


At Waverley Abbey, pupils are given opportunities to develop their skills in all the five topic areas: structures, mechanical systems, electrical systems, textiles, and cooking and nutrition. In each year group, pupils study at least two of the topics, showing a clear progression of skills throughout the school. In year 3, pupils are able to develop their skills in making structures and preparing and making food. In year 4, pupils are able to further develop their skills in making structures, as well as learn new skills related to mechanical and electrical systems. In year 5, pupils further develop their skills in mechanical systems and are given the opportunity to work with different textiles by sewing prayer mats. Pupils in year 6 further consolidate their skills in mechanical and electrical systems as well as using more advanced cooking techniques to make desserts inspired by those eaten during World War II.


Pupils at Waverley Abbey enjoy Design and Technology and create products which not only fit a specific user and purpose, but are designed in the exact way they want them. Learning is child-led and activities planned by teachers focus on real-life experiences that are relevant to the pupils they teach. Pupils can critically analyse their own work, and the work of others, using vocabulary which is relevant to the topic they have covered. As they move up the school, pupils develop their knowledge and skills so that by Year 6, they are ready to enhance their learning in a more specialised environment at secondary school.

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