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Waverley Abbey provides a stimulating, balanced and broad based education (Ofsted quote) which, within the Framework of the National Curriculum, affords every child the opportunity to excel wherever their strengths may be.

Literacy and Numeracy are well established as core features of the school day, with children set by ability for mathematics from the second half of Autumn Term. The School has a fully equipped Computing Room which enables whole class teaching of ICT, which is used to support and enhance teaching of other curriculum subjects as well as a class set of ‘Learn Pads’. We believe a solid grounding in history and geography is an essential component of the children’s education, consequentially topic work is central to the teaching of each term and enriched through regular school visits. French is introduced in Year Three.

It includes not only the formal programme of lessons, but also a very extensive broad-based programme of extra-curricular activities. This adds to the child’s personal development, enhancing the values we believe are vital if one wishes to be successful in today’s society.

Residential experiences are available for all pupils; the school embraces the opportunity for all pupils to experience learning away from home in a residential setting.

Please use the links below to download ‘Curriculum Overviews’

Spring 2019

Summer 2019       

Year 3                              Year 4                                Year 5                           Year 6 

Location                             Extreme Earth                        It's All Greek to Me                    Eurovision

My Healthy Body              Carnival                                                                                        Super Scientists

                                                                                                                                                   Smoothie Week

                                                                                                                                                   Angels and Production