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All things are possible for one who believes – Mark 9:23

Computing & Information Technology


All things are possible for one who believes – Mark 9:23.

At Waverley Abbey School, it is our aim to prepare children with the skills and knowledge needed to be active participants in an ever changing digital world. Our approach to computing aims to develop a growth-mindset in our pupils with increasingly ambitious challenges as they master the various strands of computing.   We equip pupils with the skills vital for their future prospects and to achieve their goals.  At Waverley Abbey, we understand that pupils are unique and come to school with their own experiences of computing.  Our teaching approach is able to support those who need it, and stretch those who are most able.   All pupils develop key skills in computer science, information technology, digital literacy and e-safety.  This prepares them for their future education and the endless possibilities that the world can offer them. 

Children at Waverley Abbey learn to understand how technology works and apply it to solve a range of problems.  Our curriculum enables pupils to solve a range of programming problems, understand Internet technologies and express themselves creatively using technology.  Each child is taught to use the Internet in a safe and respectful way. They will be confident in their knowledge of what precautions to take to stay safe online and where to seek assistance. Computing ensures pupils become digitally literate, to use and express themselves through information technology.

As well as a fully air-conditioned computing room equipped with a full class set of 32 computers, the school has tablets and classroom computers, and a range of other digital devices.  All computers in the school are connected to the school network, with Wi-Fi available across the school.