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All things are possible for one who believes – Mark 9:23

Community & Courageous Advocacy

Courage is a value for Waverley Abbey. We have courage to stand against injustice and are committed to what is right and true.

At Waverley Abbey we know how important it is to contribute to the life of a wider community - within school, the local area, nationally and worldwide. Our pupils are keen to make a difference. Each year we hold a Charities Day; when groups of pupils run stalls which support a chosen charity. Each stall is given a slot in assembly time to talk to the school about the work that their charity does. On Charities Day pupils are able to visit each stall choosing which charity to donate to.

Each year we support Save the Children's Christmas Jumper day. We hold a competition to decorate our own jumpers as well as donate to the charity when we wear ours to our school Christmas lunch.

Last year the worship team decided to support Toilet Twinning. They led activities across the school including collections at the end of performances and non-uniform days in order to fund a toilet block being built.

The eco team have worked hard to end ‘single use plastics’ in school. They campaigned to have multi use plastic cups at school events e.g. bonfire night celebrations. They also had a stall at the Christmas fair, detailing how families might reduce waste at Christmas time. In addition, echo team have also focussed on clothes waste. They recently raised over £300 by asking families to donate clothes that were no longer worn. 

We hold a special Harvest assembly at school and take collections for the Farnham food bank. In Autumn 2022 we donated over 125kg of food to the foodbank.

Community Service is a significant part of our Waverley Abbey Challenge. Each year, over 100 children sign up to be part of this Year 6 challenge. As part of this children must commit to 15 hours of community service.

As well as these whole school and group commitments, many of our children lead individual courageous acts such as donating their hair to The Little Princess Trust, charity walks for Rowan’s hospice and campaigning to eliminate plastic packaging and the use of palm oil from our school kitchen.